Dear Joneses, You Win!

| 2015-09-08

Dear Joneses,

I will no longer compete with you. After much thinking, I have finally come to my senses. I will not subject myself to undue pressure to keep up with appearances. Not anymore.

I realized that my paycheck only goes so far. Despite how little that amount may be in someone else’s eyes, it’s my money. I worked hard for it, and I earned it. Further, what I choose to do with it is my business.

Even though it isn’t really any of your concern, I’ll tell you what I decided to do with it. I decided to stop being foolish. That’s right. What sense does it make for me to make other people richer, while I only get to pretend like I’m rich? The expensive car. The designer clothes and shoes. This big, fancy house. Behind all the expensive things is debt that overwhelms me.

I refuse to take it anymore.

I know who I am and I value me. And that’s the reason I found myself asking, “Why?” “Why am I stressing myself out to buy all this stuff I don’t need, that doesn’t make me happy?” Just to fit in? Mama ain’t raise no fools. The fruits of my labor should bring happiness – at a minimum. Pretending to be rich by looking rich does not bring me joy. I want the real thing. And if all it takes is for me to change my mindset and a few behaviors, then I’m all in!

So from here on out, this is how it’s going to be: I am going to be financially responsible. I have a budget, and I will spend money wisely. I’ve set financial goals for the future. What’s more, I am learning how to become an active investor. Instead of working hard for my money, I realized that it’s much better to have money work hard for me. And when it’s all said and done, I’ll be able to leave those investments to my children someday, so they won’t have to work as hard as I did.

I have to tell you how liberated I am! I might have been blind before, but now I see! I wish you all well, and I wish you the very best. Like any neighbor would be, if you ever need to talk about developing a financial education, I’m always here for you! To your success!


Your Money Entertaining Neighbor

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