You Should Know About Cryptos!

| 2017-11-19
Maybe you’ve heard of cryptocurrencies and maybe you have not. The important thing is to understand that you need to know about them! Why? Because cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are the newest asset class, with the potential to create substantial wealth. So, if you’re a serious investor or a newbie to investing, cryptocurrencies may be worth your time (and money).


Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency, arriving on the crypto scene in 2009. As of this writing, Bitcoin’s market capitalization, or the total value of the digital coins in circulation, has risen from $7 billion in May 2016 to $133.5 billion. Said another way, Bitcoin’s market capitalization is over 19 times what it was in May 2016. This means profits. For some early investors, it means big profits! But do big profits mean that the opportunity is over?

That’s a conclusion you’ll have to arrive at on your own, but it’s a strong possibility that Bitcoin’s run is only beginning. One of the reasons why is cryptocurrencies are virtually unknown to so many people. Because it’s a new asset class many people still don’t know it even exists. Thus, as cryptocurrencies grow in popularity and come to the forefront, more investors will demand owning them. As demand increases, so will the price. And this is where the opportunity lies.

It is also expected that large institutional investors (i.e., Big Money) will likely adopt the cryptocurrencies as a viable investment option, as they seek greater yield. Again, this means profit potential for early holders of the cryptos. As you can see, the growth and profit potential for cryptocurrencies are enormous.

Although Bitcoin is oldest and most known of cryptocurrencies, there are literally thousands to choose from. And because cryptocurrencies are new, there are scams and scam coins that investors need to be cautious of. That’s why it’s so important to do your due diligence and learn all you can about the cryptos – to protect yourself and your wealth.

Get in the Game!

New investors to the crypto game can dip their toes into Bitcoin. Taking a small position in Bitcoin (e.g., $50) will get the new investor into the game. From there, it’s wise to educate yourself with the numerous resources available on the internet, from YouTube videos to free websites. The critical thing is getting started!

If you are interested in getting started in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies today, visit to make your first purchase!

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