| 2016-06-02
Most people have the feeling that things aren’t quite “right” with the economy. In fact, they may not be able to lay a finger on it, but a strong sense of uneasiness still resides. The natural response for many is to hope that things work out for the best. Unfortunately, when considering the financial destruction that is coming, hope will prove to be a terrible strategy in the end.

Instead of hoping the coming debt tsunami does not ravish your wealth and well-being, a better strategy is to build your shelter today with silver and gold, and brace for the collision!


Simply put, there’s entirely too much debt in the financial system. And when that debt becomes overwhelming and unmanageable, the financial system starts to wobble. The wobbling increases and increases until something has to be done to prevent total collapse. This “something” is an event that comes once in a lifetime and offers a great opportunity to amass a significant amount of wealth in a short period of time to those who are aware. On the other hand, for those who don’t take advantage, not only will they miss out on one of the best opportunities to grow their wealth, they will also risk the possibility of seeing their purchasing power destroyed. We’ll get to the “something” later. First let’s take a look at the debt.

As seen in the chart below, the Federal debt is over $18 trillion.


That $18 trillion does not account for the $127 trillion in unfunded liabilities, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, student loans, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA. (See this article from Forbes.)

When combined, the total figure – approximately $145 trillion – becomes mind-boggling.


Throughout history, as countries reach the wobbling point because of excessive debt, gold and silver are repriced to provide stability to the financial system. It is this price increase in gold and silver that provides a tremendous opportunity for those who are aware, and the next repricing may be right around the corner.

$10,000 AN OUNCE GOLD?

According to best-selling author and economist, Jim Rickards, the price of gold could possibly reach $10,000 an ounce or more very soon. In fact, Rickards has strongly advised readers to get into gold now and not wait too late. Once the buying frenzy begins, it may be too late for the average person, as prices will quickly become too expensive. (See The Golden Chameleon by Jim Rickards.)


If a silver-to-gold ratio of 14:1 were to occur, silver could potentially reach $700 an ounce. As of this writing, silver is trading near $16 an ounce. A $1,000 silver purchase would yield approximately 62 ounces of silver. If silver reached $700 an ounce, the 62 ounces would be worth over $43,000. See the opportunity?


Purchasing silver or gold is a simple process. However, as with anything else, you have to be cautious of shady dealers looking to take advantage of people. Some well-known and trusted websites are:

To educate yourself more on the topic, speak with the company representatives and ask questions to learn about the industry.

Note: Entertaining Money is not affiliated in any way with the vendors mentioned in this article. Any sales transaction occurring as a result of this article is solely between the vendor and buyer. The buyer should perform due diligence before engaging in a transaction solely at their discretion.

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