Escape Average: Don’t Fit In!

| 2015-09-13

Most people don’t know how bad the economic situation really is. Many believe that things will get better soon. But each day, more and more slip out of the middle class into poverty.

Also, since financial education isn’t taught in schools, people are clueless as to what they should do. The majority only know how to earn income from a job. One of the major problems today is that quality jobs are few, and further layoffs are guaranteed. This isn’t good for the average person.

The average person:

• Is trained to have a job.
• Doesn’t know how to legally reduce taxes.
• Doesn’t know how to have money work for them.

Sadly, the typical person is conditioned to work hard for a living. And when tough times arrive, they adjust by working harder and longer hours. The problem is there are only so many hours in the day, and as times get tougher, employers will continue to reduce their workforces to cut costs. It’s likely that the remaining employees will be squeezed to pick up the slack.

The average person will accept their fate, thinking that there’s nothing that can be done.

This is why you should NOT be average and strive to NOT fit in. Even when the economy is bad opportunities still exist. It’s just that they exist outside what’s considered “normal.” Recognizing these opportunities requires a financial education.

You have to think like the rich. The secret is the rich don’t work hard for money. Instead, they have their money work hard for them through assets, things such as businesses, real estate, stocks, and precious metals. Put another way, the rich “grow their money on trees.”

In this new economy, you must learn to play the game of money like the rich and grow your money on trees (have money work hard for you).

Being average will not work in the current economy. To get ahead, you must develop a financial education.

The average person will struggle at a job, and many simply won’t make it. The financially educated will recognize opportunities and take advantage, like they’ve always done throughout the course of time. You can prepare yourself to be on the right side, through a sound financial education, and avoid the financial storm to come.

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